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How To Download Youtube Videos Onto Your Smartphone or Computer (2019)

How To Download Youtube Videos 1


How To Download Youtube Videos Onto Your Smartphone or Computer (2019)

How To Download Youtube Videos 1
Download Youtube Videos Onto Your Smartphone or Computer 2019 How To?

Ever Wish To Get Your Favourite Movies or Funny Skit Onto Your Device from YouTube, which you can watch offline?

Then This Article Is Meant for you,Keep reading to find out Simple yet Powerful tools and websites to enable you achieve this.

Apparently, YouTube is the largest platform to watch & stream videos online and it is also ranked among the top 10 most popular websites in the world. Unfortunately, you can only watch videos but you can’t download videos from YouTube unless you use third parties tools or website.

The Good News Is,You can Download Youtube Videos with free Tools and paid once as well.

Achieving this isn’t a new thing to some of us but it’s still a headache to many people.

Not wasting Much of your time,Let’s Get to business.

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What I will talk about first is an Android application I personally use to download all my Videos online e.i Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube which I will share with you to download and install if you would like to have it.

Well,if you don’t like it,I would mention Websites in which you could also use to perform this same task.

__Click Here Downoad The App

Download, Install and Launch The Snaptube Application In the Link Above And Follow the steps below to download YouTube videos.

Click on the Three-Dots Shown In the Image Above.

Click On Share.

Click On ‘Click To Clipboard’ to enable you get the YouTube video link

If You have the Snaptube Application Installed and Launched,You should see this Yellow Button After The Link is successfully Copied.

Click on the Yellow Button.

In case the Yellow Button doesn't 
Appear like mine,
Kindly Open the Snaptube App
and Paste the Copied Link 
to download.

You will now see this, Choose the Format You wish to download and click on it.

Last But Not the least,Click On The Download Button To finalize Everything.

Your Video Should Now Be Downloading as Shown In the Image Above..

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Now Let’s Move to the Other method.

1. Y2mate:

I would recommend this website over the second one because of its responsiveness and the ability to select video format. It is also ads free and very easy to use and you can download any video format which includes Hd mp4, mp4, 3gp etc.

It also allow audio conversion i.e. you can convert your video into audio format.

How to download YouTube videos from y2mate?

To download from y2mates, simply click HERE

– Copy your YouTube video URL

– Paste it in the given box on y2mate website.

– Select video format and click on the download link.

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2. SaveFrom

This is another alternative you can use in downloading YouTube videos if the first isn’t working properly for you.

SaveFrom is also a perfect alternative to choose when it comes to downloading YouTube videos online. It has been available for years and I think it’s worth using.

How to download YouTube videos from SaveFrom?

It’s as simple as the above step, just visit their website by clicking HERE.

– Copy and paste your YouTube video in the box

– select the download link and a popup will show which will allow your download to start automatically.

That’s all…

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