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How To Lock WhatsApp With Your Fingerprint Or Face-ID On Android And iOS

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How To Lock WhatsApp With Your Fingerprint Or Face-ID On Android And iOS


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WhatsApp now allows you to lock your app with a fingerprint or a Face-ID on android and iOS devices. WhatsApp enabled this setting for iOS back in February, and yesterday it rolled it out for Android phones.

You won’t need to register your face or fingerprint again when you’re using this function. WhatsApp will rely on the system-based biometric authentication.

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Here’s how you can enable it:

For Android

Whatsapp Lock 2

Open WhatsApp.

Go to Settings>Account>Privacy>Fingerprint lock.

Turn on Unlock with Fingerprint toggle.

When you enable this option, you’ll be required to authenticate yourself using Face ID every time you open WhatsApp. The steps below describe how to enable this with Face ID; if you have Touch ID on your phone, the procedure is the same.

Note: If the fingerprint lock option is not showing on your device, go to playstore and update your whatsapp app.

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For iOS

How To Lock Whatsapp With Your Fingerprint Or Face Id On Android And Ios

Open WhatsApp.

Go to Settings>Account>Privacy>Screen lock.

Turn on Require Face ID.

That’s All You need to do to help save you from people accessing your whatsapp chats

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