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How to Make WhatsApp Stickers: Utilize for Your Brand

Make Whatsapp Stickers 1


How to Make WhatsApp Stickers: Utilize for Your Brand

Make Whatsapp Stickers 1

The stickers dominated WhatsApp! But what you may not know is that this feature can also be used in marketing! Check how to make WhatsApp stickers.

In addition to creating custom stickers for your personal WhatsApp sticker bank, you can also create APPs with sticker collections and make them available for iOS or Android. The idea for brands is to deliver value to their users and, of course, reinforce branding through social networks.

And believe me, it’s worth investing in this feature! Whether it’s humanizing the brand, engaging people or relaxing conversations, all WhatsApp stickers do in the end is to deliver a message in a fun and impactful way. And isn’t that what brands want?

So, let’s practice! In this post, we’ll teach you, step by step, how to make stickers on WhatsApp and give you the ways to create your sticker APP too!

How to make stickers on WhatsApp?

That many people use WhatsApp today is not new. But the challenge here is: How to create content, promote engagement, and market on this channel?

Whether for sales, social networking, customer contact, or lead nurturing, WhatsApp is already a high-performance channel for many brands. But one feature that is still little explored and maybe the icing on your strategy is the trademark.

These new formats have transformed the way people communicate and express their emotions. And for brands to stand out in this conversation environment, they need to dive right into the new communication model.

To help you with this, we have prepared a tutorial on how to make WhatsApp stickers. Keep up!

Step by step to create your WhatsApp stickers

To teach you how to make stickers for WhatsApp, we have divided this step by step into three steps. For each of them, you need to use a different APP – one to remove the background from the image and another to create the WhatsApp sticker.

The third stage will be the technical part – creating the sticker APP – and you’ll need a programmer.

1. Remove background from image

To remove the background from the image you intend to turn into a sticker, we recommend the Background Eraser app, available for Android and IOS.

The first step is to download the application, open it, and click on “Load a photo.” Then select the photo you want to use as a WhatsApp sticker.

In the bottom menu, choose the function you want to use to erase the background of the image. As our image does not have a monochrome background, we opted for the manual function, and with the eraser, we made the outline of the drawing manually

Make WhatsApp stickers

After erasing the background, select the “Done” icon and preview your photo. If the image was well cropped without flaws, select the “Save” button. Otherwise, go back to edit mode and finish the finishing touches.

Make WhatsApp stickers

Ready! Your image without background has been created. Select the “Use WhatsApp Sticker” option, and from there, you will be taken to the next phase – creating the WhatsApp sticker.

2. Create the sticker on WhatsApp

To insert the transparent background image into WhatsApp, we point to the Personal Stickers app, available for Android and IOS.

To turn your image into a sticker, there are a few WhatsApp rules to keep in mind:

  • The background of the stickers must be transparent;
  • The measurement of the stickers must be exactly 512 x 512 pixels;
  • The file size must be at least 100 KB.

But rest assured, APP Personal Stickers resizes your images automatically.

Then download the app, select the option “Create your new sticker pack” to create your new sticker pack. Choose the “Add Sticker” option to add the sticker.Make Whatspp stickers

Select your images without background (you can add 3 to 30 images per pack). Then click “Load” to load the files.

Ready! The sticker pack will be automatically added to WhatsApp, and you can send it to your contacts.

3. Creating a custom sticker APP

As we said above, you can create a collection of branded stickers and group them inside an APP to make them available to the public through the Play Store or Apple Store. The idea is that the public of the brand can download and send these stickers freely.

But for this, you will need a programmer with basic knowledge. In addition, WhatsApp requires that stickers be authorized, legal and “acceptable” within Wapp rules. To make sure that you comply with all these rules, we recommend that you read the WhatsApp terms of servicecarefully.

To make APP’s programming work easier, WhatsApp itself makes application templates and code available for Android and iOS. The idea is that the developer can develop the APP with as little effort and knowledge as possible. To access these templates, click here.

Cases to get inspired

The Snickers brand, for example, has set up a custom sticker store to communicate with its customers during Halloween holiday and NFL games. For each type of reaction, there are custom sticker options, with the Snickers face.How to make WhatsApp stickers

The idea, besides entertaining the public, was to use the date to strengthen the brand and engage the public.

Who also invested in the strategy was Disney. The app with the stickers gallery for WhatsApp brings the main Disney characters with funny messages!

See how making WhatsApp stickers can be valuable to your digital marketing strategy? If you liked the tips and want to know how to get even more out of Marketing, check out this posts!

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